Hire me for writing

If you are busy in the office, or words are not your thing, I can help with affordable and accurate professional copywriting and ghostwriting.

Types of Writing

  • Brand Stories
  • Company Information
  • Media Releases
  • Press and Magazine Articles
  • Product / Service Fact Sheets
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Blogs and guest blogs
  • Websites (targeting your keywords for search engine optimisation [SEO] without ‘keyword stuffing’)
  • Creative advertisements

We are here to support you and help you craft your message.

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Why Hire a Writer?

Words are the bows and arrows that will get your message to the head and the heart.

The right words will sink down into the basement of human emotion and motivation and explode at a pre-set level. Think this. Feel this. Know this.

Good writing works to make a cognitive and emotional connection. It helps nurture the reader through levels of understanding, liking and preference towards an outcome. Graceful, eloquent, absorbing. Or hilariously irreverent. Words are wonderful.

I can assist you create a clean, easy-to-understand, persuasive piece of communication, whether you need it to be short or long.

You can tell me:

  • How many words you want (roughly)
  • A bit about your audience
  • Key messages you are wanting to impart
  • The kind of tone you are after

After some research, I can write from scratch, or I can take your draft or just your bullet points.

I don’t require a ‘by line’ for commissioned material. Your name stays on your material.

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Why Hire Me?

My experience began as an advertising copywriter promoting the features and benefits of our apricot-tiled toilet as a seven-year-old.

I’ve now written over 200 advertisements for print and many for Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for services including: Internet servers, cloud computing, major infrastructure, bank accounts, financial literacy, financial planning, goods for auction, rural crop spraying, house valuations, luxury real estate, wedding venues, psychological services, and there’s even more I can think of but you get the idea. 

If you need to make an argument, let me help you make it strong, memorable, and enjoyed.

My focus is on getting you a strong return on your investment.

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