Event identity design by MVMMBe it a conference, expo, or fundraising party, you know how important it is to have a strong and clear way of branding that event and getting people to save the date.

Event Design Packages

These are flexible to suit you, but they may include:

  • The Event Design (logo and imagery)
  • Event Flyer or Postcard
  • Event Advertisements
  • Event Poster
  • Event Booklet (e.g. Conference, Expo, Fundraising party) in either print, interactive digital magazine, or both)

Items you may also consider are:

  • Event Website to link to a ticketing solution, like Event Brite
  • Post-event information booklet (either interactive digital magazine or printed)
  • Post-event thank you postcards

If you also need a hand with writing or editing, I can help.

My experience

I have designed more than thirty events, small and large, and can provide you with a high-quality, affordable solution to make your event even more fantastic than ever.

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