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Welcome to My Virtual Marketing Manager

Hello, my name is Danielle. My mission is to help you create marketing communications from the heart of your brand.

In a partnership-approach, I help you deliver the words, images, design, print, strategy and electronic media that will deliver for you.

I would love to help you:


I can help you with writing, editing, and proofreading your documents, brochures, advertisements, media releases, and websites.

Graphic Design

I can produce all kinds of graphic design–from a logo to packaging and huge outdoor signage.

Branding: Business or Event Identity design including a selection of logos, letterhead, business cards, banners, whatever you need

Books, Reports, Promotional Material: Look professional with great quality artwork for your information that hits the nerve of your target audience. It could be a book for your organisation, a booklet or brochures, flyers and folders, postcards, posters, reports, and printing. I also do digital-only magazines and brochures for highly polished artwork without print costs. I can help you with a strategy that suits your goals and budget.


WordPress websites with personalised video instructions so you can maintain and modify it. I offer an integrated service that includes help with words, images, template, hosting, domain name, SEO, security and instruction manual at one flat, affordable rate.

If you are interested in any services, please get in touch.


Your mission and vision are the forces that drive your business. I can help you with a comprehensive but simple strategy to implement.

Free Marketing Articles

There are loads of marketing articles here. The articles take a strategic and disciplined approach, based on solid research. Articles are original. Feel free to use any of the content. If you do, please reference the website. (You can also buy me a coffee.)

If you are interested in any services, please email me.


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