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Welcome to My Virtual Marketing Manager

My mission is to help you create marketing communications from the heart of your brand. Marketing is a relatively new discipline. It’s a blend of psychology, strategy and design.


Human psychology lies behind buyer behaviour and customer insights.


Strategy seeks to answer one key question. How do we use our strengths to take advantage of our opportunities? If you keep this foundation in mind, that simplifies even the most complex business decisions.


Design, be it graphic or website design, has to do three things.Clarify. Argue. Emote. Good design clarifies the message. It satisfies the questions in the readers mind. It argues a case, eloquently. Then, it has to resonate in the gut. Decisions are not the domain of rationality. They are emotional.

Marketing Articles

The marketing articles here take a strategic and disciplined approach, based on solid research wherever possible.  with an Australian perspective.

Articles cover Strategy, Services Marketing, Advertising, Sponsorships, International Marketing, and Social and Electronic Media.

Articles are original. Feel free to use any of the content. If you do, please reference the website. You can also buy me a coffee.

Commissioned copywriting, design, and strategy work is also available, please get in touch.

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